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09 Jan 2017

Las Vegas Butt Lift

The wait is finally over. Spring is here now, and unlike this season's seemingly endless anticipation, summer often sneaks up on you. This season you'll be prepared! A decent, toned tush is really a key ingredient for rocking your bikini with confidence. And these moves are the best supply of it. Add these phones your weekly routine and also by some time summer hits, you will find any excuse to flaunt your rear inside a swimsuit!

Las Vegas Butt Lift
The ins and outs: 72 hrs weekly, do 1 set of each exercise back to back. Rest for One to two minutes, and repeat the total routine 2 more times (3x total).

You will want: A set of dumbbells (pick a weight that feels challenging for 10 reps), a stride, a Swiss ball, a...